Electoral Constituencies 2017

The 17 electoral constituencies as determined by the Electoral Boundaries Commission, 2017 are as follows:

Who we are

 Tongan Version

The Electoral Commission was established by the Electoral Commission Act 2010 as the first independent body to be responsible primarily for the management and administration of National Elections in Tonga. That role was further extended to include Local Elections (District and Town Officers elections) as well as other election such as the election of the Board members for the newly established National Retirement Fund Board in which the Commission provided assistance in the process.

In accordance with Section 4 of the Electoral Commission Act 2010 as amended, the Commission shall consist of the following:electoralcommission

  1. A person appointed by the King for a term of five years, who will be Chairman;
  2. The Supervisor of Elections;and
  3. A person appointed by the King for such term as he may deem fit.

Section 4(2) of the Electoral Commission Act re-emphasises the importance of implementing its roles in a free and fair environment.


"The Chairman and Commissioners and any person appointed under section 12 shall not be subject to direction by any person or the Public Service Act 2002 in the exercise of their functions under this Act."



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