Electoral Commission meet for the first time


17 August, 2010. Press Release. The Electoral Commission formally met for the first time at 2.30pm on Friday 13 August at the office of the Commission in Nuku'alofa.

The Chairman, Barrie Sweetman, said "This is indeed a very special and historic occasion which marks the commencement of the Electoral Commissions activities."

He thanked Pita Vuki for his service to elections in Tonga and his agreement to continue on in the role of Supervisor of Elections and as a Commissioner in the new Commission.
The meeting, presided over by the Chairman Barrie Sweetman, dealt with a number of items relating to the establishment of the Commission and the forthcoming election of Legislative Assembly.

The Commission:
• strongly urges all Tongans to register on the Electoral Roll for the coming election and to do it soon!!
• Advises that the roll is closing on 31 August; and 
• reminds people that registration is compulsory for all Tongans who are qualified.

The Commission will meet on as required basis, with Pita Vuki, Commissioner and Supervisor of Elections responsible for the day to day operations of the Electoral Commission office.

For further information contact: Pita Vuki

Authorised by Barrie Sweetman, Chairman, Electoral Commission
Cnr Salote & Tupoulahi Rds, Nuku'alofa, TONGA

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