Increasing number of hopeful candidates registered today


21 October 2010 This morning, Tonga's registration of candidates for the November General Elections, ushered in over 30 candidates registrations for the ten 


Posesi Bloomfield, Masaso Paunga, Sangster Saulala with some of the candidates queing to register at the Office of the Electoral Commission

constituencies of Tongatapu alone, who proudly submitted their nominations to the Office of the Electoral Commission in Nuku'alofa.

Ten of these were women from various constituencies of Tongatapu including Mele ‘Amanaki, ‘Alisi Taumoepeau (Tongatapu 2), Betty Blake (Tongatapu 3), Linda Ma'u (Tongatapu 4), ‘Ofa Tautuiaki (Tongatapu 5), ‘Ofa Fatai (Tongatapu 9), and Malia Peata Noa (Tongatapu 10).

A line-up of former Heads of Departments and Senior Government officials including ‘Aisake ‘Eke (Tongatapu )can5pm Pohiva Tu'i'onetoa (Tongatapu 10), Maliu Takai (Tongatapu 5), Siale Puloka  and Tevita Kaitu'u Fotu (Tongatapu 2) and Viliami Fukofuka (Tongatapu 9) were also at the Commission to register, following their resignations from the public service yesterday.

Next month's historic elections will present an interesting array of candidates from all walks of life including scholars Sitiveni Halapua, Viliami Takau;  clergymen  Kaveinga Vaka (Tongatapu 3) and Siaosi Moleni (Tongatapu 8); business entrepreneurs Saia Moehau (Tongatapu , ‘Aisake Tu'i'ono (Tongatapu 9), Massaso Pa'unga (Tongatapu 7); district town officers Soape Tu'iono (Tongatapu 8), Siale Fihaki (Tongatapu 5) and legal consels Vuna Fa'otusia (Tongatapu 7), Sifa Tu'utafaiva (Tongatapu 6), Fataimaoemanu Vaihu (Tongatapu 8) and Pasione Taione (Tongatapu 8) to name a few.

Among the youngest handful of hopeful candidates are Posesi Bloomfield (Tongatapu 6), Sangster Saulala (Tongatapu 7) and Daniel Fale (Tongatapu 10).


Mr. Pita Vuki (standing) ensuring each candidate registration is in place


It is also expected that a number of Cabinet Ministers are also registering for the candadicacy including Hon. Sione Teisina Fuko (Minister for Revenue Services); Hon. Lisiate ‘Akolo (Minister for Labour, Commerce & Industries); Hon. Tevita Palefau (Minister for Education, Women Affairs & Culture), Hon. Samiu Vaipulu (Minister for Justice) and Hon. Viliami Tangi (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health).

The same applies for the Parliament's People's Representatives for the Tongatapu, as well as the outer islands, led by prominent long-standing MPs ‘Akilisi Pohiva (Tongatapu 1), Clive Edwards (Tongatapu 3) and ‘Isileli Pulu (Tongatapu4).

The submission of the nominations to the Electoral Commission requires that each candidate applications must signed by 50 persons who are qualified electors for that electoral district or constituency. The candidate shall assent to the nomination in writing by fixing his signature to the nomination paper, and pay a registration fee of TOP$400.  In addition, each candidate must provide documents from the Supreme Court and Magistrate's Courts to confirm having no criminal record; otherwise their nominations will be forfeit.

Candidates can only lodge their nominations at the designated office for their respective electoral


First Candidates to register Siale Fihaki and 'Aisake Tu'iono


district, which is why candidates for the Ha'apai, Vava'u, ‘Eua and Niua Constituencies are also registering at each respective Government Offices

in those islands.

The registration process continues tomorrow, 22 October, closing at 3pm in the afternoon, followed by a draw to the determine of the order in which the names of candidates are to appear on ballot papers to be used in the Election, since there are greater number of candidates registering this year.


ENDSfinal list of candidates and the results of the registrations will be announced to the public a few days thereafter.

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