New Representative for the Nobles of the Electoral District of ‘Eua.

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02 August, 2012 The results of the By-Election for a Representative of the Nobles for the Electoral District of ‘Eua won by Lord Nuku.

Lord Nuku has won by a total of 8 votes, Lord Vaha’i – 2 votes and 1 vote each for Prince Ata and Lord Ve’ehala. A total of 12 votes altogether.

There were 6 polling stations set out through out Tonga as below: 

         * Palace Office, Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu

         * Governor's Office, Neiafu, Vava'u 

         * Governor's Office, Pangai, Ha'apai

         *Government Representative Offices; ‘Ohonua, ‘Eua: Hihifo, Niuatoputapu: ‘Esia, Niuafo’ou.

This By-Election was conducted through out Tonga at the above polling stations on Thursday 2 August 2012 between the hours of 10:00am and 12:00noon.



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