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Electoral Commission to conduct Local Election in 2013.

The Electoral Commission has now been authorized under the District & Town Officers (Amendment) Act, 2012 which was passed by the Legislative Assembly on 12th October, 2012 to organize and conduct the District & Town Officers Elections. This change has shifted the administration and management roles on the conduct of local election from the Prime Minister’s Office to the Electoral Commission.

The Commission was established in 2010 to organize the first General Election held under the new electoral system and perform all Parliamentary electoral related activities. However, its mandatory roles have extended over the last two years when it has played an important role in the first National Retirement Benefits Fund Board election held earlier this year and is now preparing for the local election which is scheduled for next year, 2013.

With these changes, the Commission hopes to continue working closely with the community and provide as much information as possible to ensure that the people of Tonga would exercise their voting rights at all levels and that elections are conducted independently, impartially and in a free and fair environment.

“The exact date for the district & town officers elections has not been confirmed at this stage but we will keep the public informed with these details when it is finalized” says the Elections Supervisor.

The District & Town Officers Act provides that District and Town Officers shall in each district be elected every 3 years by popular ballot in which all persons qualified to vote shall take part. The last election was held in April, 2010.

The Commission has also reviewed the nomination fees for candidates as follows:

Population of District or Town

Old Deposit

New Deposit




1,000 and above



500 to 999



200 to 499



50 to 199



49 and below



There are 155 Town Officers and 23 District Officers throughout the Kingdom.




Authorised by Barrie Sweetman, Chairman, Tonga Electoral Commission

For further information contact :   Pita Vuki

                                               Electoral Commission/ Salote & Tupoulahi Rds

                                               Fasi-mo e-afi/ Nuku’alofa

                                                Ph : (676) 28820/ 26884

                                                       (676) 28668

                                               Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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