Electoral Constituencies 2017

The 17 electoral constituencies as determined by the Electoral Boundaries Commission, 2017 are as follows:

Tongan Version


Following its establishment in 2010 the Commission was immediately involved in a programme of public education to make voters and prospective candidates familiar with the requirements of the electoral laws during the months  leading up to the Election in November 2010. The success of this programme is apparent from the high voter turnout(over 91%)and negligible number of invalid votes cast in the election and the Commission is anxious to now extend this electoral education.

 It sees the setting up of this website as a vital step in this direction. The website has been meticulously created to include the broadest possible picture of the electoral process in Tonga and I believe it will greatly assist voters and candidates towards a better understanding of their roles . It also provides for all interested a record of past electoral results.

We trust you will find it both interesting and instructive .If you have any ideas on ways in which the site may enhance its effectiveness we welcome your suggestions. I express the sincere appreciation of the Commission to those involved in the setting up of the website for a job very well done
                                                                                       Barrie Sweetman 


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