Electoral Commission meets prospective candidates


13 October 2010  Commissioner and Supervisor of Elections, Mr. Pita Vuki and around 50 hopeful applicants running for candidacy in this year's General Elections met for the first time during a brief induction period outlying what is expected of and required of each candidates.candidates41


Elections Supervisor, Mr. Pita Vuki


This marks an important milestone in the beginning of journey towards the Election, when Candidates registration begins next week on 21-22 October, 2010.

This was the first opportunity for the Commission to have a face-to-face forum and dialogue with the prospective candidates.

Mr. Pita Vuki said that," The purpose of the meeting was to explain and where necessary describe the election process and what requirements each candidates must meet, and each candidates responsibilities under the law."


During the meeting, a special Candidate Information Booklet was handout detailing useful information about the Election, both in the English and Tongan language.

The General Elections is scheduled for the 25 November 2010.

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Candidates during the presentation

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